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27 December 2011 @ 12:23 am
Blind Sighted  

Blind Sighted
 - to those who have lost inlove

Didn’t see it coming
It wasn’t the words said
I did all the loving
It was those left for dead.

Heart filled with green
Your body – the machine
Should have just shot me in the foot
Oh no, sorry it was my heart you took.

You’re confusing, abusing, You took me for a ride
You nodded, you smiled, you fucking lied.

I can’t be angry, I can’t be mad
If it’s your loss they say
Then why am I so sad
Never mind, I’ll find a better you
Whose shit ill not go through.

So make up your mind
Stop looking behind
Shes gone.  Shes dead.
& start looking ahead!