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27 December 2011 @ 12:02 am
Do you think I like being like this?  

Do you think I like being like this?

I hate loving you.
I hate it more than peak hour traffic, 45degree days & 75hr weeks.
It’s worse than rain on your birthday, getting fired or having no toilet paper.

I hate thinking about you.
being considerate, caring and accomidating is frustraighting

I hate being your option.
The thing when times get tough, you cling to.

I hate not giving up.
Not in the dream or a chance but in you as a person.

I hate that you didn’t fight.
It’s easier to give up then fight for whats actually right,you fucking coward.

I hate missing you.
Not hearing your voice, your daily recount & our walks.

I hate that you outplayed me.
Just caught in your web of games.

I hate that you act like the nice guy
I was just the convient option.

I hate that i cant fast foward time.
I no longer love you.

I hate that you don’t understand.
The meaning of words such as love, loyality &  lifetime

I hate that you are blind
to see whats infront of you is pure, personal & perfect.

I hate that you will make these mistakes again.
You don’t know what you want.

I hate that our chemistry does not lie.
Nor does it fake, pretend to be something its not or hide.
Remember this, as one day it may the only truth you have left in your life.

Three words, eight letters – say it & I’m yours, forever.